Should I Go For Hair Transplant At The Age Of 25

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There is no age for hair fall it mostly starts from around 20 years of age.Youngsters start feeling embarrassed when they see clumps of hair loss. As you notice hair fall consult a doctor who will be the best guide who will recommend you natural therapies that control hair fall and a few medications to control them.




A hair transplant is a non-invasive surgery but not advisable for patients below 25 years of age.Hair transplant depends wholly on your age, level of hair loss, health-related problems, etc. 

























  Many surgeons advise you to have a hair transplant before you start losing hair as the newly transplanted hairs are permanent, though hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair fall it doesn’t stop hair fall.No worries guys the transplanted hairs do not fall off as they are taken from genetically resistant areas.


There are a lot of queries before going for transplant:


Is hair transplant the right decision, will it work out, finding a good and experienced surgeon, how to finance its procedure to be opted for 


Hair transplant surgery is not recommended before the age of 25 by any surgeon, you might require a face to face conversation with the doctor for a hair transplant because the surgeon can give you a clear picture about it. The permanent hair follicles are taken from the donor area it will be difficult for the surgeon to exactly find out the permanent hairs at a very young age and the donor area stability.




The donor area should be stable and it can be seen after a particular age.The level of baldness at a very young age increases as you age, it is called androgenic alopecia. Hair loss at a very early age means extensive baldness i.e. higher Norwood class that will require more sittings in future and for that there must be sufficient requirement of hairs in the donor area for transplantation as the best surgeon uses the hairs in the donor area carefully to be used for future requirements mostly the best surgeons recommend transplant only after 25 .


Youngsters should have an overall look as the expectations and choices of hairstyles changes according to time. The first and foremost thing would be to before hair transplant surgery is that you need to have a good hair density.It is highly recommended by surgeons not to have a transplant before the age of 25 as you will not be the right candidate for hair transplant.


 The donor area is resistant to DHT hormone and this doesn’t show the effect of hair loss.


The cost of hair transplant Surgery depends on many factors;


Grafts required desired density,  a grade of Norwood, technique used reputation of the surgeon and clinic, safety and hygienic standard, location of the clinic.